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I have submitted more written evidence to the Joint Committee on the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill today, after giving oral evidence on the 9th.

There are still a lot of issues, but I thought I would try and explain some of the technical challenges as well as possible for them.


Written evidence is open to all to submit, and anything that helps explain the issues: moral, ethical, technical, practical, etc, will help challenge the bill and hopefully make changes.


  1. It's a good document but I don't expect they will take any notice of anything they don't want to hear.

  2. Ban on mail servers run by end users coming in 3… 2…

  3. I just hope this gets read (it explains some very technical details very clearly - love the shredder analogy for packet switching so much I'm stealing it for my A Level Computing class!).

    I wrote to my MP about this bill last month and haven't received a reply. Not that it matters - she'll vote the way her party tells her to regardless of her constituents' views.

    1. I was tempted to find a single axis shredder, print the submission, shred it, and post that to them... Sadly I suspect they would not get the point.

  4. Good document with nice use of analogies to help them understand the reasons why you are saying what you are saying. I too hope it is read.

    Personally I wouldn't start it with "Once upon a time" as it sounds a bit condescending, maybe "At one time" would be better?


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