My experience with @iMakrStore

I do not believe I had dealt with iMakr before, but having met them in a show early last year and seen the Wasp 2040 Turbo I was keen to get one.

May 26: I emailed asking if they could let me know when they have them in stock.

Nov 13: Good start - emailed to say "we have the Turbo printer!"
Nov 13: I could not order as the on-line order form would not get past the "pick courier" stage
Nov 13: They apologised, fixed that, but then the card payment page was not a secure page*
Nov 13: I paid by bank transfer and placed an order

Nov 17: Informed "should have that machine by the end of next week" [i.e. 27th]  - not happy as was told they had the machine on the 13th - seems I was misled

Nov 27: No printer, chasing, not even getting replies to emails now

Nov 30: Told expected stock on 2nd Dec so deliver 4th.
Nov 30: Told DHL accident in Italy, so delay
Dec 01: Various messages over several days told different dates

Dec 04: Told parcel finally on the way.

Dec 07: Finally arrived - does not work - keeps beeping.
Dec 08: Told likely firmware, so waiting for firmware from Wasp
Dec 09: Told very likely firmware, still waiting for firmware - how is this not just an email?
Dec 10: Told still waiting for firmware?!?
Dec 10: Now told they cannot have the firmware and maybe it is not the firmware?
Dec 10: Offered on-site visit and/or loan unit if cannot fix - this is good of them
Dec 11: Engineer on-site, cannot fix, lent us the older model**

Dec 14: iMakr did get me the necessary config for CURA to work the printer they loaned. It works.

Dec 16: Told a replacement part has been shipped by Wasp and expected on 17th
Dec 17: We chased several times and told "We just received your part from Wasp and our engineering team will now proceed with the replacement." yay!
Dec 18: Told "Your machine is being worked on now."

Dec 21: Chased again, eventually (6pm) told they sent the wrong part - why could they not say this on the 17th when they got it and started working on it, or 18th when they were working on it?

Dec 21: We pointed out that had we ordered a new one on the day the faulty one arrived, according to the "two week delivery" on their web site, we would have had it by now. Told that the "two week delivery" is not actually "two week delivery"!

Dec 22: We give up and ask for a refund
Dec 23: Refund arrived, good.

* I later found it was using an iframe, but this is clearly very bad practice, see http://www.revk.uk/2015/11/https-and-shopping-for-dummies.html

** Whilst I do think it was good that they sent an engineer and loan unit, it is a far cry from simply having sent a replacement printer the day it arrived broken. I was told today that they did this, not because it was the "right thing to do" but because we said we have a non working printer sat in our lobby and iMakr considered that bad publicity for them. In fact we do not have customers coming to our office, as it happens. I was somewhat surprised that the chap from iMakr admitted that was the reason they sent an engineer!

I really do not know if I will buy from them again. Maybe they were just very unlucky.


  1. Well I ordered on the 12th December and I'm still waiting. No calls back and the ETA is every growing each time I call.

    1. In some ways I am glad it is not just me. Best of luck.


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