Why #IPBill is bad for business

In simple terms, why is the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill bad for business if it was to pass as it is now?

Two simple points...

1. Certainty

Companies cannot be certain if they will be required to help with data retention or equipment interference or intercept. Even normal companies, not communications providers can come in scope, as can schools, coffee shops with WiFi, almost anyone. We need certainty in business - so we can plan and run a business.

2. Trust

Companies need trust of customers and users - the bill can make your ISP in to "big brother" secretly, and make them be the people spying on you even when you have done nothing wrong.

This all makes the UK a country to avoid when setting up a company.

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  1. I see you are having a trip to the House of Commons today.


    Looking forward to hearing about what happens and your thoughts about probable outcomes.


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