Moving on

Handling DoS attacks is hard work, takes up a lot of staff time, and involves a lot of changes to code, and config, and policy and procedures and involves meetings and continues to do so, sadly. We are, of course, continuing to work on issues in a lot of ways and improving. There are likely to be even more short notice planned works over the next few days, so watch this space.

However, I hope we can move on to more pressing matters, which are that the Talk Talk backhaul is starting to struggle again, and we are really not happy. We set high standards for the back-haul carriers. We know we have high per user peak loads as I mentioned before, and they have to cope.

This is not all lines, indeed, I am not sure it is a lot of lines, but it is a concern that we have even one line like this. It is not acceptable, and we have been working with Talk Talk for some time on this sort of thing. It looks like, for now, some bits of their old network are suffering and that is a graph that shows one such line.

The good news is their new network is making progress. There have been a lot of significant snags, and Juniper have been working with Talk Talk to address these. I have to say I am shocked that a system like L2TP, which has been stable as a protocol for like 10 years, is hard work for the likes of Juniper, but there you go...

The new platform is under test and we appreciate everyone's help with this. We hope it will be live soon and the issues on the TT back-haul put to bed for a long time.

Thanks for your patience.

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