Today's recipe: Grilled cheese on toast

I do feel I should point out that (a) my wife does feed me, these are just snacks I make, and (b) I am not planning for A&A to open a restaurant or any food business.

The first step in this recipe is bread, obviously, but the choice of bread is perhaps not quite so obvious. I find that over the years I have preferred a particular type of bread, some times for years, and then decide I like something different. Brown, granery, white, all sorts. I'll even go through phases of not wanting any toast for months, very odd. The latest bread I particularly like is corn bread which I can get from Tesco.

Corn bread is a bit odd. I tried it without toasting it once, and it is a disaster, all stodgy. But toasted it is lovely. So start by toasting it...

Then butter...

Then marmite...

Then comes the cheese. Now, again, choice of cheese matters. I do rather like the smoked applewood with the paprika dusting...

I usually do this finely grated, but as I have some pre sliced cheese, I may as well use that. Have you tried grating pre-sliced cheese? Talk about lazy. At least I sliced my own bread.

The trick at this point is a little seasoning, and that is perhaps what makes this an actual recipe, for some stretched definition of the word...

Jamaican Jerk is great for cheese on toast, but seriously, how the hell does anything like this have an expiry date ?!?

Anyway, sprinkle on the cheese...

And grill until melted nicely.



  1. I feel we are heading for an intervention here. Friends don't let friends do Marmite.

  2. Mmm yes, I'm also a corn bread fan but not tried toasting it.

  3. "(a) my wife does feed me" I hope that you feed your wife too, it's 2017 after all.

    1. OK, seriously, you have seen my recipes so far, you think she would want that. Sadly, going out to dinner is no longer an option for her in most cases for various reasons, which is a shame, else I would do so more often, obviously.

  4. *why* must you ruin EVERYTHING with marmite.

    There is yet to be a marmite free recipe!!

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_H8zpMu1yE

  6. Best bread for Cheese on Toast has got to be Ciabatta sliced into 2 lengthways

  7. I have to wonder how much Marmite are paying you for these advertisements. Seems like, left to your own devices, you'd live off Marmite.

    1. I'd be staggered if there was any payment. That's why I no longer mention that product - they wouldn't even give me a free t-shirt to promote their stuff.

      Since I decided they could "do one" I've discovered that Morrison's own-brand yeast extract is much better, but avoid the Tesco one which is a bit like it was made from low alcohol beer.

  8. Expiry dates for most packaged products are indicating a point at which the manufacturer thinks it might not have their intended taste or texture so you would be disappointed. They have no idea whether it's safe, if it was very likely to be unsafe the FSA would make them tell you in more detail how to store it, and write a clear "Use By" (not "Best Before" or similar) date as they do for, say, a piece of steak.

    If you only care whether it's safe, you should rely on its appearance and smell and disregard the dates. If it looks mouldy, don't eat it unless it's _supposed_ to look mouldy for example even if the date label says next year. If it tastes like poison, stop eating it, call NHS Direct and explain that you think you ate something bad, and what should you do?

    I have no recommendation for the Marmite since as far as I can tell that's supposed to taste and smell awful.

  9. Try Ghetto Pizza! Toast one side of the bread, on the other side spread tomato puree, sprinkle oregano, red onion and ham, then cover with cheese and toast until nice and melty.

  10. Not a fan of Tesco's, but try their Jalapeno Chilli 3 Cheese Bloomer


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