Amazon - fulfilled by us?

So, another thing to try, testing how Amazon works when we are shipping the product.

This is, of course, easier to set up. We don't have to ship stuff to Amazon, we can simply say what the product is, price, picture, etc, and, of course, how many we have available.

Still not going for anything too serious on Amazon yet, but as we have literally hundreds of these in the office I have listed "Ignis"...

Using a GS-1 EAN seems to "just work", and no issue with "FireBrick" as a "brand", it seems.


Update: Wow, one sold already!


  1. My only comment would be, as a frequent purchaser on Amazon, things marked prime and fulfilled by Amazon always sell easier than 3rd party sellers who ship themselves. If not just for the speed, but the no hassle of dealing with Amazon customer service.

    Probably not a big issue for selling novelty playing cards and ignis' but if you decide to do selling on Amazon to make money

    1. Yes, we are expecting that "serious" stuff like FireBricks will be FBA, and B2B with ex-VAT pricing. That is what we are working on. All a bit of a learning exercise, and thanks for the feedback.

    2. And Ignis probably counts as a whole of the cubit foot charge for FBA, each, unless we can vacuum pack him :-)

    3. Not sure he will like being vac packed!

  2. The photo could do with some work, it looks very flat!

  3. When I bought my first house in May 2016 I was on AA IRC porting my old phone number to AA VoIP. One of the staff there was going to send me an Ignis as a congratulations but never did... I assumed he had thought I was using AA for more than just VoIP (I pay you about £2 a month max!) and so it would very much be a loss for you guys.

    Thanks to this listing I will finally have my Ignis, so I'm happy :)


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