When we moved in, we had a conservatory added to the back of the house, and over the years it has (a) got full of junk, and (b) had various failures to keep water out...

This week we have a new one being installed. I am unimpressed with Anglian Windows giving basically zero notice - they called after 5pm on Friday and said they were coming Monday.

My wife has spent all weekend (with some help) moving stuff out of the conservatory.

What is worse is that we need to move some of the air-con piping for the new conservatory and had that all booked in for a couple of weeks time. I am really pleased that 4 Seasons air-con were able to change plans and come in today (Sunday) and move the pipework.

So we are ready, but really, not impressed with Anglia so far. We'll have to see what the new conservatory actually looks like when in, starting tomorrow.

Update: Seems Monday's work was about an hour of removing old conservatory, and then they are back tomorrow.

Update: No roof, so Tuesday they had the walls

They said they would arrive 9am Thursday, no show.

Friday they arrived, installed most of it, one roof panel wrong size ?!


  1. Having done a stint for Anglian Home Improvements in an outbound call centre, and been party the operational side of the local business, your experience is of no surprise whatsoever. Have you checked if the people on site are employed or contractors for Anglian?

  2. Anglian... Wait for the decade of unsolicited phone calls that follows

    1. Where do you think they got the end-user numbers from? Whats more all the users were of a certain "vintage".

  3. I'm also another person with bad stories about Anglia and conservatory installations... Stay away :/ but seems too late for you at this stage. I wish you luck.

    1. And another one... Plenty of structural surveyors locally have experience of them (as part of claims against Anglian). I had to resort to making claims against GGF. The good news is that the undertaking they finally gave me included them promising never to contact me again.

    2. There are a small number of companies that I would never, ever, do business with, because of the adverse publicity they've attracted over the years. I'm mystified how these companies manage to continue attracting new customers. I wish you luck.

  4. Anglian were great when they replaced our windows. Stay positive 🙂

  5. I too had Anglian do a conservatory for me. Unfortunately it was a massive disaster. I had a lovely Veranda installed by them some years ago, but a nasty accident left the poor installer crippled from the waist down. I still get some calls for accident claims, which I hastily forward to the man involved.

    A poor experience overall. I hope he's OK!


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