I thought Amazon did logistics?

Well, less impressed. I have listed the A&A cards on Amazon, and shipped a box of 50 decks.

Unlike last time where they quickly showed in stock and available to sell (albeit a few days before people started getting them), this lot are in limbo in a UPS depot with Amazon delaying delivery.

They are of they view they can take 14 days to receive them. Well, yes, I guess, their rules, but unimpressive to say the least.

P.S. UPS delivered at last, this afternoon.

P.P.S. After two extra days delay delivering we are now over two whole days since UPS delivered and Amazon list as "in-transit" still. Regardless of the "logistics" they should at least have an accurate record of where the parcel is!


  1. Bet some of it is UPS messing around as well, I’ve had several parcels held in Reading the past two days due to “an emergency situation or severe weather condition”

    Reading is still standing isn’t it? ��

  2. Better get used to it, Amazon will be the only shop soon.

  3. Amazon do do logistics. Hence them having a delivery held at the depot until the most convenient slot for them to accept it at their warehouse.

  4. Amazon do logistics in house mostly as last mile deliveries from fulfilment centres. They're one of the largest couriers in the world and this is only with their own demand. Amazon will very likely open its services to businesses that don't sell or use amazon too in the next 5 years too.


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