Amazon a tad disappointing

As you know I have been trying Amazon.

The first thing we tried for FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) was quickly included in their inventory and listed for sale. I was impressed!

It took a few days for initial orders to go, but they were pretty good overall.

The second lot they have delayed and delayed - 2 days delay accepting the delivery by UPS and well over 2 days later they still list as "in transit" and not available to buy.

I can understand that things take time, but at least be accurate. They know (as the UPS tracking confirms) they have the 50 packs of cards at the fulfilment depot, and have had for over 2 days, but they misleadingly list it as "in-transit" still.

At the very least record what is where and manage expectations, please.

Very poor service.

So I have listed the latest A&A cards for fulfilment by the office. At this point I think we will be quicker! Once Amazon work out they actually have stock, they can start shipping instead.

P.S. for some reason I cannot even list these as advertising on Amazon, WTF?

P.P.S. And WTF Hobbies › Trading Cards & Accessories? They are standard playing cards plus a bit, like every other pack of "Standard" playing cards with jokers and double back and so on.

Well over a week, but on a Sunday they finally have the A&A cards listed for fulfil by Amazon.


  1. Try shopify basic. They might be better than both and save you in the fees Amazon & eBay charge.

  2. Explain 'RevK', are you a reverend? It has fascinated me for some time.

    1. I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church (ulc.org) who don’t require you to believe in a deity of any sort (just as well).

    2. Fair enough. Definitely a unique idea and I hope all people use it as a tool for good.


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