More on Amazon (Brand Name)

I have been trying to list the A&A deck of cards for about there days now. I kept getting this error :-

The support people said my EANs need "whitelisting". I went and got a GS-1 prefix even, and still no luck. I have waited until showing on the GS-1 search, and still no luck.

However, a bit of experimentation and I have found the problem, and the error message is not at all clear!

Basically, it is the "Brand name"!

I just added the A&A deck, but by mistake I put "RevK" as the "Brand name", and was going through the images and so on, and all working. I assumed because the GS-1 code was now listed and tickets I had raised with Amazon had somehow fixed something.

But before saving I realised I meant to put a brand of "A&A". Suddenly the same error message.

I can put "A", "A&", but not "A&A" nor "AA" in the Brand box. WTF? Note we have a registered trade mark for "AA" in the UK even. So this looks like some Brand protection issue.

Well, now I know, good. I could use something else, maybe AAISP, or Andrews & Arnold Ltd. Anyway, I saved the listing, and then went in and edited, and changed the Brand to A&A, and it saved. Oddly it then lists as "AA" not "A&A".

So, err, this "brand protection" does not work well if you can just change the brand after adding the listing with a different one.

I wish they had let me know that this is what the error message actually meant.


  1. Smells like miswritten HTML-entity escaping to me.

    1. Even just "AA" is an issue, so I think it is some sort of brand thing.

  2. It could be a way of checking people enter an actual brand name rather than just bashing keys?


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