An apple a day obviously does not keep the doctor away

RIP Steve Jobs

Lets hope Apple keep going from strength to strength and maintain the same values.


As for treating cancer with an apple a day, it sounds like that may be almost exactly what he did. Very sad. http://skeptoid.com/blog/2011/10/05/a-lesson-in-treating-illness/

Not forgetting http://xkcd.com/931/ had a good description of how cancer survival works in practice, as well as a special http://xkcd.com/961/ for today...


  1. I thought your apple a day comment very witty for you mate lol xxx

  2. You want them to maintain the same values? Including the fraudulent patents and baseless legal action against competitors?

  3. hmmm? dwmw2 makes a valid point, not to mention the lockdowns and restrictions of use with apple software. Are you saying you support restricting users as to what they can do on their computer. Perhaps we should lock the internet down too, and only allow people to visit websites authorised by your computer vendor.

  4. OK, cut it out - yes, they are locked down - but they are so shiny... my precious...

    I would not wish to lose apple products even in the way they are as long as there is always choice.

    For many people that are not me, their restrictions are not an issue at all.

  5. "However, the idea of censorship is also a big concern. Censoring the media is the start of a slippery slope, and not something a civilised society should tolerate."

    unless those who do it make shiny devices? :)

  6. Of course I am, in general, against censorship, and against closed systems.

    However, I doubt apple products would be as nice and shiny without the way they happen to have done things. That said, android is doing well with that model.

    As long as they are not a monopoly. As long as stupid nanny state laws do not stop me using hardware I have bought in any way I like (i.e. jail breaking it).

    Heck, we make closed systems too. We do support open source as well, and contribute, but we have our own products that are not open source.

  7. I don't disagree with you regarding most of the source thing, but that wasn't what I was referring to really in my last comment. Bearing in mind that OSX is built on open source, I'm not sure the license of the OS has a real relationship to the shinyness, and as you pointed out, Android has managed it.

    Primarily my comment was about the restrictions they place on the users, what content the users can access and so on. For example, refusing apps that they consider competitive, or not suitable (including a magazine about android).


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