Hundreds of email addresses in To: line

Yes, it seems out favourite telco have no clue how to send emails. This one person sends emails with hundreds of email addresses in the To: line!!!

I have to scroll down quite a lot to get to the message itself, which is invariably something misusing GMT.

Wanted! Serious amounts of clue.


  1. Could this be classed as a breach of the DPA? If you are personably identifiable; and you could be if you are the owner of one of the domain names that received the email.

    I must say that when this has happened to me, to my personal domain name, which if someone were to do a whois lookup on, would be able to obtain my address and telephone numbers, and therefore I am personably identifiable, I have been very tempted to report it to the ICO.

    I guess however if it was only sent to businesses, then perhaps the 'individual' that the email was sent to would not be personally identifiable.

  2. Phone the ICO helpline as they will tell you very quickly if there is a potential DPA breach or not or even just poor practice.

    Although sadly they don't care about "over" citing of DPA e.g "Can't do $stupidthing cos of data protection" *SCOWL*

  3. Their reply - they will take me off the mailing list but not fix the issue. I have emailed everyone on the list telling them this. Mad...

  4. Surely a decent email client would not render all the email addresses on the page and give you a small scroll area if you wanted it...

  5. On iPad the To list is a big list, though many per line.

    Turns out the payload, text/calendar, lists them all as well.


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