Apple melt the internet

Internet traffic last night from around 18:45 to midnight was at unprecedented levels, not only hitting out commit levels for BT 20CN and 21CN but with the unlimited Be connections pushing the total to the gigabit capacity of some of our links. So, not quite melt but none the less a hell of a lot of traffic.

Our upgrade plans are well underway, and we hope to be ready to handle more than a gigabit by Christmas. We did not expect to need anything like that until the Olympics next year so the traffic levels last night were a bit of a shock!

Having been using IOS5 for many months, I can say I quite like it compared to IOS4, with a lot of small improvements and features, especially iMessage.

This is a graph of one of the Internet exchanges we use (LONAP), last night. It is nice to see how well they coped with such a burst in traffic.


  1. It's interesting that that increase didn't seem to be reflected at LINX: https://stats.linx.net/aggregate.html . Do you think it's because many ISPs (such as yourselves) have direct connections to Akamai/Limelight (the CDNs Apple use) or is there some other reason for the difference?

  2. I noticed that - linx was up a bit, but they shift a lot of traffic anyway, so maybe it was not enough to show up to the same extent. Looking at our various links the extra traffic was almost all via LONAP.

    We were pondering this morning how various juggling of traffic could have put us well over the gigabit capacity - but doing that without planning it carefully could have been a mess. As it happens our main LNS did push more than a gig because of inter customer traffic!

    Really good to get real life bench marks on the FireBrick performance though.

  3. There was also an Ubuntu release yesterday afternoon and a couple of big steam updates too I believe, which explains the unusually high traffic over one of my lines yesterday.

  4. 900mb of OSX update probably didn't help either..

  5. El Reg says it was all iOS5's fault - http://www.reghardware.com/2011/10/18/bt_says_apple_ios_5_downloads_set_record_uk_net_traffic/


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