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Someone please tell me how this works.

Looking at the stats for my blog, the top posts are :-

1. What a moron... This I totally understand - seriously everyone hates junk callers - it has an audio attachment - yes - top post. 120K hits

2. Strange key on my new keyboard? (pic) OK, now I am lost - this was a total silly - a picture of a windows key on my new keyboard. I have managed to escape such keys for many years, but why the hell is that so popular? 70K hits

3. New blogger - has no title on posts. Am I missing ... is even sillier. FFS I could simply not see the "title" part of the new blogger control page. Brain fartingly stupid. So why 28K hits?

If ever I learn how marketing works I'll be dangerous.


  1. Crap, this will up the stats on all three posts now - noooooo!

  2. There's no rhyme or reason. Although it may amuse you to know that my 5th most visited page is "Help dealing with BT broadband problems" (which even has a link to AAISP for the standard broadband checks) with 2000 page views a month. Followed by a silly little post on "how to get a pound symbol" which I wrote for a customer once which gets 1,300 page views a month! (I've deliberately not linked these posts... But RevK, don't forget your NOFOLLOW tag!)

    Yet much more cogent, detailed and worthwhile posts, some of which I spent many hours on, linger at the bottom of the pile. Madness...

  3. Whats the betting iPhone4s Siri (pic) will hit the top stats too :-)

  4. Oh FFS, someone shoot me - this post has just made the all time top 5 with nearly 14K hits. I give in - the world is not logical - but you all knew that already, right?

  5. Rev,
    I'm far from knowledgable of SEO techniques, so take what I say with a BIG pinch of salt, but it appears to me that a post linking to your most popular posts would naturally rise by drawing on their "link juice" of the links contained therein.

    Hence the NOFOLLOW HTML tag has a use in stopping this, and excludes links that use it from their ranking calculation.

    My theory for why they are popular in the first place. (And my initial post was a little in jest when I said "no rhyme or reason"). The unwashed masses are far more likely to be searching for terms similar to "blogger title post" or "strange key keyboard" than "PPPoA DSL users" or "WoW IPv6".

  6. Just I had not heard of a NOFOLLOW tag, that is all. This post is now 4th in all time rankings by quite a margin.

  7. Now this is all time number 3 posting. 69,862 Pageviews

  8. Now it is number 2 all time post with 85K hits.... Arrrg!

  9. And now it is the most popular blog post of all time on my blog - mad!


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