Syncing my life to the cloud?

Slightly odd last night at the LONAP social. Being a bunch of geeks almost everyone I spoke to reads my blog. The end result is I had very little to actually talk about with people face to face in the pub.

I imagine people that do facebook a lot have the same problem - when they meet up in real life everyone already knows every tiny detail of everyone else's affairs and there is nothing to actually say.

I was left with discussing the latest blog post I made during the meeting, which people had not yet seen, but generally meant handing over the iPad with the blog post on for people to read. Once done they were synced up with my life and there was not more to say. I did get to see James trying to learn how to solve a Rubik's cube and failing, which was amusing.

What a strange world we live in some times.

[P.S. Blog/rant on Tom's misfortune to follow later]


  1. Sounds like an ideal time to listen and learn about them then ;)

  2. Indeed, that is kind of what happened too.

  3. I heard a similar thing recently about social networking technology being bad for people's health. Because people know everything that's going on with all their friends already, when they go to the pub there is nothing for them to talk about ... so the only thing left to do is drink...


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