Flu jabs

OK, being diabetic I end up with a flu jab every year...

We went as a family, well, three of us anyway. Most efficient process ever in the doctor's surgery - in and out in seconds - no waiting. Well done.

It is better for me than not having one, I am sure. Proper flu would be bad, I expect. My rational mind tells me so. And in fact, the needle they use is really thin and does not hurt, well, in my case. My wife did not like the needle and it did hurt.

But really - several days of having a red lump on my arm that is hot, sore, itchy and generally unpleasant - that is not nice.

Ho hum...

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  1. They keep asking me to have a flu jab (I also qualify as I'm on immunosuppressants), but I've never done it..

    I've actually had proper flu years ago - at christmas. Nothing worse than looking at a table full of food on christmas day and not wanting to eat any of it..


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