Are we nearly there yet?

Well, yes, I am hoping to get some nice pictures for you, but not yet.

We found that unbound was not playing properly so the new DNS resolvers were taken off line until fix. All compiled from source now, and looks OK, so they are going back now.

We finally have the Ethernet hub in the new rack - so we can server Etherflows from Maidenhead and London now. And we have our first Etherflow on line to London yesterday.

Yes, I said "hub", by which I mean the centre of spokes of Ethernet services from London to other sites around the country, and not what you thought!

We have a last couple of wholesale customers being a bit slow to move over to the new rack, but that has to happen this week or they go off line :-)

BT had a blip on one of the new host links, so we have everyone off that while they investigate.

The last big step is BT moving the old host links to the new rack, and we are just waiting on confirmation for that now.

We are nearly ready to turn off the old rack - much latter than planned.

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