The needle

0.25mm x 5mm
Well, now I have something to put in the sharps bin...

Once a day now, but may need to have another one with meals. They start off slowly, increasing the dose every 3 days until I am happy it is working right.

I am impressed the needle is so fine that you cannot feel it.

Insulin injector pen

Pre-filled with insulin
Where the needle goes
The needle - in a nice safe sealed package
And a second safety cap inside
Dial up the dose
Looks harmless enough


  1. all that safety for the needle but they still let you choose your own over/underdose?

  2. Yeh! It did occur to me that they do let me take this on a plane. Well, if this was one of the fast acting variants - and was injected somewhere more like a vein, or in someone neck, then the dose it can provide would be very nasty indeed and could even be fatal. More to the point, the person being threatened with it would think it may be dangerous, and that is all that really matters.

    Oops, have I just been helpful to terrorists?

  3. FYI, I recall that my mother (who has been diabetic for nearly 50 years now) started on insulin is vials with a metal syringe that had to be reused. I vaguely recall her being quite pleased when one time use disposable plastic syringes started to come in. Still - they had much chunkier needles, and you had to draw the insulin from a vial. Now she has an implant and pump thing. Times change a lot.

  4. My mother has been an insulin dependent diabetic from my birth so 30 years now. It is amazing how the tech has changed over the years. Certainly with the Novapens and such pens as above, the ability to inject discreetly without having to carry around insulin vials and packs of needles is a great step forward.

  5. FWIW A while ago I went through airport security (small airport but flying to Gatwick) while wearing some wrist splints. I beeped so asked whether they'd like me to take them off since it would not have been too much trouble for me.

    Instead I was offered a thorough pat-down (which I graciously accepted in full view of everyone, because procedures must be seen to be done right, right?) while enduring a quick-fire round of questions about my intentions. But the metal splints, which could have been of any shape or form, were ignored.

    I assume this was some psych-out technique which I passed, despite saying as little as I felt reasonable while still answering the questions. While it wasn't Israel, I understand from family that profiling and psychology there get primacy over scanning technology at airport security: anyone can improvise a weapon but does someone want to?


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