Nearly there

Well, progress again today.

We now have all our transit and peering point connections on the new rack.

We have ADSL customers connected via the new rack, and platform RADIUS to carriers from it all working.

We have the RADIUS servers and DNS servers and syslog servers in there too.

We have our new Ethernet hub in there, but not yet tested a live connection.

The main thing left now is to get the direct connections to other ISPs moved, and we have the links in place ready to do that. The delay there is co-ordinating with each interconnect separately and moving at a convenient time with little or no disruption to their services.

Once the old rack is cleared out, we have to set up the other host link in the new rack (moving from old rack), and that will be it!

All good fun.


  1. Any chance of some photos of the new rack once it's done? Sounds very impressive indeed!

    Good work guys!

  2. Yes, we will get some photos, sorry for delay on that.


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