Rude ISP

We want to be nice and helpful to customers. I actually have pretty high standards for how my staff deal with people. I even expect them to be reasonably polite to "our supplier" if possible.

We want to offer a good service - we want to try our best to get things working for when you need it. We don't just do "computer says no!".

But I am thinking there is no point - whatever we do we will get stitched up - contract terms don't count.

So I was wondering - maybe we should set up as a "rude ISP". Right up front we say "we will say it how it is - we don't make any promise not to be rude - we are just straight up talking, in your face". Maybe state that we don't aim to avoid causing stress or inconvenience - all we aim to do is what we agreed in contract.

Would that help? If we were a rude ISP instead of a helpful ISP? Would that avoid the possibility of getting some random award against us.

I am thinking of writing to Otello and asking - ask if we state we are rude, could someone take us to ADR and get an award for us being rude. Perhaps ask if they could get an award if we were polite, i.e. not being rude?

I just don't know - arrrg! I don't know the rules by which the world works any more!


  1. Where can we sign up for the extra-rude ISP?

  2. Love it - and frankly some people would be happy with a "straight talking ISP" which we sort of do already.

    Thanks for the support.


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