Well, fun week - more work on moving to new rack and finally ceasing the old rack circuits and so on. Making some progress. Pictures soon, honest.

Two days training - some mates of mine - hard work - and a tad embarrassing with some things not playing. Looks like Zyxel DSLAM we have in office does not pass IPv6 PPP - WTF? We need to make things way more slick.

Several minor tweaks on the bricks as we expect - courses are damn good feedback. But this time far too many broken examples that need fixing. Sorry guys - but allowed me to show off a lot of the debug and diagnosis stuff :-)

I am still seriously planning SIP router stuff next week - but we have to be very clear on selling as a SIP router and not competing with asterisk. This is a packet level box we are making not some PC.

I have my doubts that I will manage it next week - insulin up to 20 units is getting better - but not the same as the film limitless just yet - I expect it to be like that as I get the dose right :-) I expect to be back to my old self - able to code in no time and not need sleep.... Dreaming, damn!

And on top of all of this - the race for a new toon to get to level 85 on WoW. I am getting behind (only 82). Gave up on SW:TOR as really just WoW with light sabres...

All things a tad disrupted this week by a friend being killed on a motorcycle. My daughter's best friend's father. Only 52. Very sad. We heard whilst at a meal on Sunday (for my birthday). Still sinking in, and the second friend I have known killed on a motorcycle. They clearly are dangerous things.


  1. "Still sinking in, and the second friend I have killed on a motorcycle"

    It's awful news. My condolences. I do think you should reword that as
    " Still sinking in, and the second friend I have known killed on a motorcycle"

  2. Great course Rev, I am looking forward to installing some FAST BroadBand for customers with Fb2700.

    I wouldn't be too hard on yourself re the Zyxel fail, it was more interesting seeing the troubleshooting process for real and I now know how to dump pcap files and analyse like a pro!

    I look forward to meeting up in a month or 3 and sharing progress reports with the guys.


    PS - Need insulin advice... Speak to My Phoebe. She's carb counting and finding that life is just fine. (Mind you she can't program at all, damn!)

  3. INsulin is getting the daily long term dose right first.

  4. Very sorry to hear about your friend - my best friend at school went that way (I couldn't believe it for some time) - my deepest sympathies.

    As for the insulin, I wish you well with it. I'm on Metformin and it seems to be OK, so fingers crossed!


  5. My advice - if you start getting worse then chances are you need insulin eventually. If that is the case consider it seriously - it is a lot less hassle than metformin and gliclazide and citglipin and crap. They made me feed crap.

    Right now on insulin my does is not right yet - gradually increasing - BM over 15 in the morning - but I feel way better by a long way. Once I have the dose right it will really be a lot better.


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