New scam

Clearly ADR is (IMHO) a scam...

So we are missing a trick - we need to re-org A&A to be under 10 staff. Doable. Maybe make a new company for A&A (retail) ltd.

Then we can take our favourite telco to ADR for "customer service" issues pretty much every day.

Each dispute would not be a breach of T&Cs, no, but would be poor customer services justifying a £500 "good will" award to us.

We have to seriously consider this scam now.

P.S. just asked how we can take advantage of this scam to the ombusman as clearly T&Cs do not matter.. We want good will payments for every "our favourite telco" cock up - i.e. several a day... No reply.


  1. Plus, there's plenty of times where they do break their own T&Cs - think 40 hour fix deadlines.

    Lots of room for ADR.

  2. Quite, sod profit on services, if we can ADR them on every issue for £500 I'll be minting it in.

  3. Yay, free broadband for all A&A customers! ;-)

  4. From what you have explained, this does sound like a scam. Can you post the ADR finding in full so we can see it?

  5. I would lay odds that the ADR people will be afraid to find against the likes of your favourite telco (due to the size of their legal department amongst other things), so while you might be able to cost them some money in case fees, I suspect the likelihood of them actually awarding you anything (even when they've clearly done things wrong) is very small :(

    Perhaps the best thing to do is set up your own ADR service, then you get to make money regardless of the outcome!

  6. Sadly I am pretty sure there are some limits on how much you pay a supplier as well, which means, unless we set up a small 10M WMBC link under another company and migrated "problem" lines to it and back, we would not be able to ADR our favourite telco.

    Tempting to do that though.


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