The soul of a new rack...

Well, I am pleased to say that the old rack is now gone - literally - we wheeled it out of the building and loaded it on a van (well, Paul and Andrew did).

The new rack is in use for our broadband services and Ethernet from London, and DNS. It does our core connectivity.

There are 10 shiny new dual power fed FB6000 series FireBrick routers in the rack and a couple more to come. They use around an amp between them! There are lots of gigabit links from BT, LINX, LONAP, Level 3, and others.

BT have to finish the move of the old host links over the next couple of days, and then we will have four gigabit links to them in the new rack.

Room to expand.
Room to handle the Olympics demand?

Well done to all my team for their work on this. Dust will settle and all will be well.

Mind you - BT take some space!

Oh, and yes, every FB6000 has a custom engraved front panel.


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