Breaking new ground

There are a couple of completely new things that are being used in anger this week. We have done various tests last week, but this is for real now.
Firstly we are now running a dual live LNS system using two of the new LNSs. We have customers spread over the two LNSs based on their login. This means, in theory, bonded customers are on the same LNS. If not, then you get working service but not the bonded download. We are working on ways to pick up any that go wrong, and we think some BE lines ended up on the wrong LNS. A simple ppp-kill will move to the right one.

This is also the first time we have run the LNSs in the route-reflector so they see all other routes. They used to announce connections and use the core routers as a gateway - now they see all routes and can send via the right external gateways for outgoing traffic.

Both of these could have unexpected side effects. We have seen some with customers that have PI space (their own IP blocks).

So anyone with something odd, please let tech staff know and we can resolve the problems as they come up. We managed to sort one PI issue within minutes of being reported on a Sunday night.

In the mean time we'll get on moving the other transit, peering points and direct links over during this week.


  1. Exciting to see all these upgrades happening.

  2. Some pictures would be nice. The geek in me would like to see where my bits end up.


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