Silly set backs today

Well, lots of silly things.

One customer is logging in using upper case on one line and lower case on the other so split between two LNSs as the system uses a hash of the username to decide. Hence my script to check if we have any sites plit over two LNSs wanted to kill their lines every 60 seconds. It is the only customer and they are changing their login. D'Oh!

We have our favorite telco that realise they did not put enough copper pairs to our rack! They need them for monitoring the fibres, but one lot is monitored using ADSL and one is monitored using ISDN. That will delay moving the old host links to the new rack.

We are getting our management LAN DSL installed, with another ISP, as you do. I won't say who, but how quaint: Paper order form. Paper DD form. So waiting for my signature in the office now. No IPv6. And this is not a small ISP...

We think we have sorted PI space customers now, but may need some more sophisticated changes to the source filtering on L2TP to manage it "neatly".

Of course, as blogged, arguments with one supplier wanting non standard BGP links. They are making an exception for now - thanks!

Sounds like most of the remaining jobs should be sorted in next few days, but nice to let things settle a bit in the mean time.

Behind schedule, as always, but we allowed lots of slack just in case.

Oh, and we are putting more bandwidth on 21CN. Lots of migrates from 20CN this month. By more I mean shit loads more... I am really trying to get my stats up to the full 100.0% no dropped packets, if I can.

So, a fun week to follow.


  1. Migrates from 20CN? Does that mean BT are still actually rolling out 21CN to new exchanges? Is there a list anywhere? TBH I thought they'd stopped after doing the ones on which there was competition...

  2. Yes, I think samknows covers it quite well. We email people when the bulk upgrade catches up (a month or two after exchange upgrade). They will probably, eventually, do all exchanges.


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