There's always one!

Lots of progress today.

We have LONAP (another peering point) connected on to the new rack.

We have BE wholesale connected as well. It did mean the FireBrick team working on changes in the TCP stack, BGP code, config and documentation to add a non standard forced TTL on BGP peers, but that done - it is working.

We should be able to move the direct connection customers from tomorrow.

Of course we found a fun one - with sessions spread over two LNSs there was, of course, a customer that did not work. It turns out they were the only remaining customer using an old feature called closed user group which allows restricted access between sites. It only works where the sites are on the same LNS else no connectivity at all. And they were not on the same LNS. It is simple to fix, and just means using a prefix on their user name, so sorted. But there had to be one exception, and I knew it would either be one of Mike's customers or one of Kev's. It was one of Mike's... Well done Mike. It is funny how you can guess who the unusual configuration lines are with :-)

Anyway, we are waiting on BT to put an ISDN line in for the old host link moving to the new rack (to monitor the fibres). We have one transit feed still to move, but that will be this week. There is a good chance that in a few days time we will have nothing actually using the old rack at all.

Then we'll turn the old rack off at least a day before we start pulling kit out, just to see who screams :-)

Getting there.

Well done team.

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