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Not "a thing", really, James
I went to The Manor yesterday as they are doing a cider festival. They actually had a few nice ciders, but they asked if I wanted ice in a pint of Hecks, so not really a cider festival. We went there mid afternoon (myself, and my son James).

So, naturally, we discussed lots of technical stuff, tried getting SIMs to roam on my iPad which has no SIM application menu, and so on. We also had a long chat about my garage. James seems to have a strange idea that he will be able to make use of it as he is moving back in for a while?!

Ashley from the office joined us as later.

James decided that he would drink three different ciders at once, taking a sip from each in turn. Well, one was a fairly decent draft cider (I forget the exact name, but it was one that had been stored in a whiskey cask). One was a bottle of Kopparberg with summer fruits (much more the fizzy-pop of ciders), and one was a pint of strongbow and blackcurrant because the lunch menu comes with a free pint but only of a very limited selection even when they have a cider festival! He insisted drinking three drinks like this is "a thing" that people do. Thankfully Ashley was on my side.

Then, Jacqueline (my daughter) turned up with her mates. I'm not sure how to say this without sounding condescending, which is not my intention - but Jacqueline is not exactly technical, or that well off, and so her friends are very much what I would call "normal" people, general public... Most of my friends would be horrified to be called normal, so this makes an interesting change. Surprisingly some of them knew Ashley too.

However, I was quite surprised that they had android phones. I was actually impressed that we had an intelligent debate on the relative metrics of Android and Apple - not just in terms of price but considering the pros and cons of Apple's closed environment. It seems people really do have more clue what choices they are making than I expected. James was then somewhat impressed that at least one of them played League of Legends and had played World of Warcraft.

Of course, this would have been an excellent chance to see what the general public think of things like DRIP and snooping laws - unfortunately, after drinking cider for about 5 hours I found another proof of alcohol induced headache (which seems more migraine related than hangover) so went home. Shame.

Of course one thing they all had in common was that I was paying!

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  1. Doesn't sound much like a cider festival if they are just selling the main name brands. I went to the Chipping Sodbury beer festival on Saturday and they had quite a good range of ciders (enough for me not to be able to work my way through). I think the Black Rat Perry was my favorite.


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