When is an air conditioned villa not actually air conditioned?

When you book with Villa Plus.

We have just arrived at 1am, finally, and even at this time of night it is way too hot. The villa is big, and has a study even, so I can get some work done while the rest of the family go in the pool. That was the plan, I can stay in the air conditioned villa most of the time.

Turns out they don't actually have air-con the the main living area, or the study, or indeed any part of the villa except for some pathetic small units in the bedrooms.

What a waste of money. And I am stuck here for two weeks. Maybe I can bring a desk up to one of the bedrooms or something. This is ridiculous. I have been to many hot countries, and they manage to have proper air-con in the entire villa, whether it is Rhodes, or Barbados. That is the one redeeming feature of a hot country - they have air-con. But apparently not in Cyprus.

I am dreading two weeks here now. It is seriously tempting to fly home.

So much for Villa Plus, more like Villa Minus...

Oh, and the internet is jumping to 500ms latency when idle. That is going to be unusable as well.

Update: I have read the villa description, and it says Free Air Con. But it seems that the text does indeed say air conditioned bedrooms. So maybe I should be cross with the person that booked it. I asked for only two things when paying for nine people to go on holiday - air conditioning and internet. Next time I do the booking.

Update: The units in the main villa, which they say are heating only, are in fact air-con, and magically, for only €250 more, they can be turned on. We'll see later today, hopefully.

Update: And... we are starting to chill.


  1. My sympathies. But I'm surprised at Villa Plus - we stayed at http://www.villaplus.com/algarve/villas/cerro-grande/villa-canisp last year and it was exactly as described - aircon in the bedrooms only. Very good it was too! They seemed to care, so I suspect they'd be concerned if yours isn't as described.

  2. Not when the heat makes you physically ill it isn't :-(

  3. hmmm if not like heat, why go somewhere hot?

    1. Because 8 other people wanted to go, and hot places have air-con, normally!

    2. I sympathise there. It's been grating enough putting up with people here who confuse good weather with hot weather!

      (I'm just happy my home a/c unit finally arrived today: for me, even UK weather can be extremely unpleasant in summer. Hence my wish to move somewhere much hotter - where a/c is regarded in the same way that heating is here.)

  4. Not sure I understand the purpose of going on holiday to work... I can work at home - if I'm going on holiday I'm going to enjoy myself and *not* work.

  5. 18 degrees up here in Northumbria, only 1Mbit though :-)(

  6. >.....and magically, for only €250 more, they can be turned on.....
    Sounds like a con to me.

  7. You could turn on all the bedroom air-con (!) units, set them on max.cool, and leave the bedroom doors open - cold air falls, so it should migrate downstairs


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