If you build it...

... they will come?

"Build it" is exactly what we will be able to do some time next week.

We have had one of these bad boys on order for months: The Makerbot Z18.

Sadly I'll be on holiday when it arrives, but it has a built in camera and is networked, so I may be able to get a minion to load some plastic and work it from a holiday villa. We'll see.

Its claim to fame is that it is big enough to print a full size wearable storm trooper helmet. This means a big build area.

Getting that to work means some clever stuff with heat - and the whole thing has a heated chamber. It is all to do with making sure the plastic does not shrink and warp as it cools after printing.

Apparently it will be arriving on a pallet. Once we have it, we'll be offering our 3D printing services on a new and bigger scale.

The last job was heads for some fun robots for Plymouth Uni.

See more at: http://aa.net.uk/printing-3d.html


  1. I love the RevK printing service.

    Find what you want/need on Thingiverse, email the Rev, parts arrive in post next day.

    Postage usually costs more than plastic for my small parts.

  2. Also available at Exeter library - they have some nice kit... http://fablabdevon.org/machines/


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