The den

We have a garage!

When we first moved in we boarded it up and it was my study for a while, but became a more general work area, and now has all sorts of crap in it. It is the proverbial junk room. Embarrassing even. My study is now a small room by the hall with just enough room to swivel a chair.

My wife has spent a lot of effort on re-working the living room, the kitchen (which is very nice) and now working on the hall and some bedrooms. Each project takes time and money but ultimately adds value to the house. She is doing a really good job and making each project work well. The house is coming along nicely, step by step, as I can afford it.

But I am 50 now, and I am finally fed up with bullshit and want to do something I want for me for a change. I am fed up with being everyone else's solution to problems. If they messed up doing their car insurance and have a fine - it is my problem. If they did not realise that once they get a job they have to start paying council tax and get a summons, it is my problem. If they just spent too much and have none left over half way through the month, it is my problem. If they can't pay back what they borrowed from me, it is my problem. To be quite frank I am just fed up with it.

So, apart from taking a hard line and not lending anyone anything ever again (which does not mean I won't give gifts out of the goodness of my heart, when I choose, and when I can afford it), I am thinking I want to do something to the house that is for me!

So, the project is the garage and making a new den for me. I think I have convinced my wife to let me do it. It needs a proper wall and windows and door; a proper work bench for computers and stuff and a shitload of sockets, but what else. I was thinking sofa and big 3D TV and probably a decent commercial air-con unit.

So, seriously - what should I do to make the perfect den for me, that is my space?

We are not talking "money no object" obviously. But we are not too badly off, especially if I stop giving other people money now. I want somewhere I can do work and relax.

I welcome suggestions, and I'll try and blog some progress on the whole project.

Update: The project has approval from my wife - whoop!


  1. Sound proofing/dampening? Outside in, if nothing else!

  2. Air conditioning.

    Decent sound system.

    2 x sit/stand adjustable desks.

    Main desk has a Mac Pro or similarly lustful workstation with 2 - 3 high quality displays.

    Secondary desk is for current projects etc.

    Decent chair. e.g. something from Back in Action (where we also get the desks).

    Nice lighting.

  3. As an aside... awesome thought experiment :-)

  4. A lockable door or, at least, a "do not disturb" sign.

  5. You will need a rule. No-one can dump shit in there.

  6. Be careful that the 'approval' doesn't evaporate just after you've cleared all the rubbish out and it looks tidy again..

  7. I keep my car in my garage. It's what they were built for. I'm continually surprised that this has gone out of fashion. It's so nice not having to clear snow and frost off the car on winter mornings, and also you don't get UV degradation of the plastics and colours since it spends so much less time in the sun. Then there's the security benefits.

    I note in married couples the husband always has to get approval from the wife to do things, but the wife never needs to get the husband's approval. Having never been married or lived with anyone, I find it strange how unequal the partnership often seems to be.

  8. Security (not just the great big car door one or the side door, but sometimes garage roofs can be the weak point: yes, you can't get a car out the roof, but a nice computer...), good lighting (natural lighting would probably be good, but security - get the sunshine-light level lights), lots of plugs, heating (garages do get cold as they don't tend to be built with insulation) and then nice furniture.

  9. Here's my Man Cave:
    Enough space to get the Discovery in when I need to work on it, or don't need it for work, and when it's out, loads of room for welding or any other projects.
    But if yours will be primarily man cave, not garage, then lots of power and data sockets, good lighting (I'm guessing you'll probably use your LED panels ;) ) and aircon. I might suggest removing the garage door and properly insulating it though.


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