Well done steak

I know many of my friends think it is some sort of crime to have a steak "well done", but that is how I like it. In many ways a "well done" steak is much more of a challenge for a chef than a rare or medium steak. It is a challenge to cook a steak so that it is not red, but also not too dry, chewy, or with burns. A well done steak cuts easily and is not hard or chewy but is not red. Hard work and takes time.

I tried getting well done steak in Paris and Bordeaux and totally failed. I gave up and took pot noodles or told them I was vegetarian.

Occasionally you find a restaurant that can do a well done steak. The Warren in Wokingham used to be good, but no longer, sorry. Those that like less well done steak have been unimpressed too.

I am however very pleased to say that Café Rouge in Wokingham do an excellent steak. Those that like rare or medium are happy too. I have now tried them maybe half a dozen times and they are constant and excellent.

Highly recommended.


  1. If you are ever in the Reading area give these guys a go. There is another one very near us that we frequent and never had a bad meal (medium rare for me!) http://www.millerandcarter.co.uk/millerandcarteroracle/

    1. I think that chain might be known to the Rev: http://www.revk.uk/2011/10/eating-out.html

    2. Oops, missed that. I went to another branch other than our local a few times and had cause to complain. Regional manager gave us a voucher for a free meal. I guess it is like any large business, only as good as the local staff. What can I say, maybe give the local branch a shot....

  2. I'm with the rev here. I like a well done steak, but it's so hard to get a good one I usually don't risk it and go for medium instead.

  3. My father worried about taking his father to France - even ordering his steak "brûlé" probably wouldn't have been enough for his liking. I never did hear whether he actually tried it on his one and only visit to France. There were plenty of other amusing stories about that trip, though.

  4. My father in law had a very good well done (fillet) steak at the Meat Co (nee, Meat and Wine Company) a while ago. It's pretty pricey mind you.


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