Back to work

So, the plan is, back to work tomorrow. I have been off all week to some extent, but have managed to spend most of this weekend working on some updates to FireBrick code to better handle IPv6 / IPv4 fallback logic (pain in the neck as IP addresses embedded in messages in SIP). I also improved the config options for L2TP client mode as well. All good fun (!)

I need to go see an undertaker still, but we'll get around to that soon enough.

My daughter is not even ready to go back home, and has to decide what to do about the nursery - i.e. do we go and clear it out and re-decorate before she goes home? She'll get there in her own time.

Only a couple of weeks until the A&A customer event on 2nd at our offices. I'm worried at how many people will be awkward around me. We're getting plenty of drink in, so that should be fine.


  1. Drink is the solution to most problems.

    Drink is the cause of most problems :-)

  2. If you are worried about how people will be around you it might be worth making a statement about how you want people to act.

    Do you want people to even mention it? ("Sorry for your loss" etc)
    Do you want people to just act like it doesn't exist?

    IT folks like us are not very good at empathy and reading what people want, so it might help if you were explicit about what would work with you best.

    Speaking for myself (although I am not coming) I feel like that would be the best way I would feel comfortable, and not worry that I was taking the wrong approach to the situation.

    1. Yeah, I agree - it's difficult to gauge what to say, so awkwardness prevails, or you put your foot in it.

      That said, I am coming, and I will try not to be awkward. :)

    2. You are assuming I have any bloody clue what I want people to say!


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