I am not known for my tact.

No, really, believe me, I am tactless at best. Yes, those that know me (and some that do not know me well) will know this.

So I have had an interesting couple of days, tact wise. The whole issue is all around taking offence, and, well, giving offence. I strongly believe in free speech, and that offence is something people take. But I also fully understand that there are perfectly good ways to avoid offending people and many circumstances where one really does not want someone to take offence, even if none was intended.

So the two sides of the coin here.

Firstly, I found I was pre-thinking everything I have said around family, and especially my daughter and her partner. This is hard work for me (tactless, remember), and there any many things I would normally feel I should make a joke over (albeit tactless). On this occasion I think I managed not to put my foot in it, but it was hard work.

But the other side is that I actually found myself feeling slightly offended by couple of things, and then realising how silly it was to feel offended.

One was a person that clearly does not know there is more than just a "like" button on Facebook. With all others clicking "heart" or "sad" one person clicked "like" on a post about my grandson dying. I know he was just acknowledging it, and no way he actually meant he "liked" the news, but I did feel slightly cross.

Another was a slightly surreal email exchange. I got an email about something, and it had "Hope things are going fine." on the end. He had not heard. I replied, quoting his questions and answering and I quoted "Hope things are going fine." and followed with "Err, no.". In the next reply, he read my quote, ignored the "Err, no" and said "Things are going fine thanks". I just felt that was tactless and annoying. Again, I am sure it was not deliberate, but being tactless is not deliberate.

It is one of those rare times I have felt on the receiving end of tactlessness. I new experience really.

Anyway, update. I think we are starting to come to terms with it. Difficult times, and once again thanks for the the well wishes.


  1. Being 'tacktless' is all part of the Curse of the Engineer.

    Well done for managing to overcome your natural tendencies :-)

  2. Small point is that if you're on the mobile web then you don't get the option to use anything other than Like/Comment/Share.

    1. I've used mobile web and can use the other options by pressing and holding on the like button for the other options to appear. It's not an obvious user interface.

  3. Disappointed to see that "tactless.aa.net.uk" is not a resolvable hostname :-)

    1. Perhaps that should become the contact system for ADR? :P


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