Resistance is futile

I mentioned previously that I designed some stacking number blocks for my grandson (on thingiverse here). He loves them, and knows the numbers and the order now. Technically you can sort of stack the 10 on top of the 6 instead of the 9, but not the right way up or even remotely "square", but otherwise it works very well - you can only stack in the right order, which is the idea!

Now I have some new plastic, I have been able to print them in the proper colours: Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Grey, and White.

Let the learning begin :-)


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    1. Yes, that was a challenge. I wanted to include zero, obviously, but I did not want him counting a block as zero, hence it is a larger block to be the base on top of which he counts.

  2. You could add an extra dot to the 6 (or 9) to stop it stacking

    1. Yeh, or a different font, the 7 does not stack on the 9. I did not want to add a dot as it could cause confusion. I did wonder about other orientation enforcing perhaps with a lip on one side of every block or something.

    2. Font is probably best. Make the 9 have a straight leg and the 6 curved

  3. Black bugs roaming over your garden bring very good weather!


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