A day in the life...

I did a couple of video posts on this over the last few days - so this is the blog to cover them...

The main thing was to try and explain how my life is somewhat odd. The idea of a "working day", or even "retirement", are somewhat odd concepts to be honest.

I remember, some decades ago, a "proper job", where I had clear demarcations for my day, with "work" being roughly 9am to 5pm (with a lunch break), then evenings and night, and weekends, and bank holidays and annual leave all being "not work". I switched between "work" and "non-work" on this cycle.

But now it is not the same. I mostly work from home, and work from some time after 7am to some time around 9pm, in my home office, pretty much 7 days a week. I sometimes have to work in the middle of the night if "shit happens". Working from home is always a double edged thing...

During that time, I may be working solidly or almost not at all, in varying degrees depending on the day. Usually there are many things I have to do during the day, whether routine like checking banking, or fixing bugs, or more intensive when urgent things need doing. Some times I am working on a project that takes all of my time. Some times I have to go to a meeting in the office or elsewhere.

So work/non-work mix is very much stirred up - sometimes in very short intervals, and my timetable is very much my own in most cases. This is why I have both a TV and a bar in my home office!

I find evenings and weekends and holidays a tad less stressful as there is less chance of something cropping up that needs my attention, and ironically that is a time when I can "get more work done" on any sort of ongoing project.

If ever I retire it simply means a slight change of that balance and more things done by the management team at the office without involving me. I doubt it ever gets to zero work and all non-work, that would be boring.

Even now, some of my "projects" are more "non-work" than work, and some of the 3D printing is like that. That said, it is all experience and practice for the fact that the company does 3D printing as a service perhaps even something we should claim R&D tax credits for (maybe not).

That is the life of this CEO, even if not the average CEO...

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