I am in the rather odd position of going on two cruises this year.

I did a "lad's cruise" with my friends, as I blogged. Amazing trip, but the "family" holiday this year is also a cruise. This time it is around the med, with sunshine and things. I think I'll try and stay inside with air conditioning. The main thing I am interested in is visiting Pompeii, but the rest of the cruise I will probably be reading my book on Ada.

A family holiday is complicated when we have grown up kids, and this time it is with one of my (four) daughters and her partner and his mother. I do think in future we need to do other combinations, but obviously it gets complicated as we have grandchildren involved. One day I'd love to book both 3 bedroom villas on a ship like the Norwegian Jade and take all 5 kids with partners and grandkids in one go - but I suspect that will never happen, and would be, what's the word, fucking expensive!

Unfortunately this looks like one occasion that I will, for the first time, have to claim on some travel insurance as my wife is not well. I am very lucky that one of my other daughters is staying at the house and happy to look after her as she is insisting I go on the cruise and get pictures of Pompeii for her.

This will make it a very odd cruise I think. I feel terribly guilty going on the cruise without my wife. I did the last time, but this time she was meant to be coming! I would rather stay and look after her, but she is adamant. She may be on the mend, at last, but we head to airport in like 11 hours, so no chance she is coming on this trip, sadly.

Anyway, I have a much more compact "internet in a box" this time with a small AP working as client and AP at the same time connected to a FireBrick. It should allow me to do some work whilst on the cruise. I am planning to sort some Ada development environment on my laptop as well.

I may be rather odd, thinking of my holiday as a chance to read a book on Ada, in air conditioned room, but yes, that is a break from normal work and broadening my mind, it is good.


  1. I'd think the travel insurers would expect that, then they'd only have to pay out a proportion of the cost (plus travel expenses). Obviously they take an overall view, in that traveling out for a few days left on board isn't worth the effort.

  2. Herculaneum is well worth a visit as well as Pompeii. The buildings are better preserved at Herculaneum, but it's a smaller place.

    If you get chance there are loads of other places to see in the Bay of Maples. The island of Ischia is lovely, and there are plenty of other volcanic areas.


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