Airport WiFi!

OK, so airport lounge has free wifi, as it should.

Only trick is that they seem to be lacking a DHCP server at the moment!

A quick tcpdump shows a lot of NETBIOS packets from 169.254.x.x and lots of unanswered bootp requests. Ho hum. A lot of puzzled faces curing at their laptops too.

Thankfully it was pretty obvious what network was in use (192.168.0/224) and gateway (, and the hotel's DNS servers still in my config worked as well. So I have wifi!

How hard can it be to get things like this right FFS.


  1. This is not an uncommon event in Airports - I had the same twice while travelling last year.

  2. Run your own DHCP server whilst you're there :p

  3. Tony, I did that at Bristol UWE in one of the halls of residence - then watched the traffic. It was amazing how many people had spyware :(


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