OK, 6pm and nothing broke. It seems wrong somehow. You expect something to break.

OK, OK, one exchange is showing congestion and I have had to report that to our favourite telco, but that really is getting routine now.

What cheers me up is *my* code did not break - not that it is all my code in the LNS. Its rare for things to break but when it goes two days in a row (Thu/Fri) you kind of get paranoid. Running 3 more days after that with no issues kind of makes me happier that it was a fluke. Thanks to sterling work by Cliff over the weekend we have new Ethernet code for loading tomorrow that should detect and react if ever it happens again.

Still, if gets me how chips can have so many bugs these days - and I bet this is one. We'll find out, but who knows it may be another 6 months before it happens and this time just recovers pretty seamlessly...

Seems like the dynamic duo are getting to the bottom of some of the RADIUS issues too, so that will be fun. Its all happening.

And my sister-in-law is still counting down to when we all go on holiday next week... She is proper so excited like the Disney advert!

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