Never thought it would happen

I have never written any sort of diary, so WTF am I doing here? And what kind of word is blog anyway...

Basically, I had quite a bit to drink last night. Not unheard of, sadly, and I know I shouldn't... But that did not stop me trying to help out customers. We only do 9-5 Mon-Fri support, but we all chip in on evenings and weekends and if there is anything major and I am no exception.

Its a good idea to work at the coal face a bit when running a company. It lets me see when things are not right, not only with our stuff (most of which I wrote) but with our favourite telco.

I just got so pissed off with them when I reported something so simple like a BRAS on the wrong rate and they decide to send a damn engineer I posted that they are fucking idiots on the company status pages...

I kind of realised that was probably not such a good idea, and the post was updated pretty sharpish and it has now been toned down a lot. I suspect we'll get some flak from them this week. I know some senior people there have seen it and are very concerned that they have managed to drive an ISP to such comments. Hopefully they will realise this is the end of a long line of frustration and annoynace.

But, what can I say. This is not out of the blue, and it really winds me up. I have spent a lot of time writing systems to fight their fault systems and policies and idiocy to get faults actually fixed. It just should not be necessary. I really wish we could work together and get things done properly. Drives me mad.

Anyway, that's why the blog has happened. Somewhere for me to post and have my say.

I hope it is not boring...

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  1. Adrian, one thing you won't be is boring. Well remember you on news:uk.telecom and its sub-groups.

    You've always run a quality company, and been passionate about proper CS (not figures from the call centre data, which of course never relate to real "customer experience").

    Not used your ISP, but always kept up with what you're up to. Maybe, one day, you'll get the big boys (not just [major telco]) to recognise their CS metrics and methodologies are crap. Total crap.


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