My own opinion...

There are times when stuff winds me up. Some people know that I am "passionate" about my work and there are times when I express that on the company status pages.

Sadly this is not really politically correct. The company should be professional...

So this blog is for my personal opinions on stuff. It will, of course, include shit that happens at work I am sure.

Obviously, if I offend someone (even if they are a major telco) I'll be happy to post their comments as a follow-up. Obviously if it turns out I am wrong on something I'll publish an apology and even delete the original post. However, if stating my opinions it is hard to be wrong. If my opinion happens to be "[major-telco] have lost the plot" then that would be a true statement of my opinion... An apology would where I have some facts wrong somehow... I believe people are entitled to their opinion.

So, views expressed here are not those of the company...


  1. "The company should be professional..."

    AAISP publishes far more internal information than any other company I deal with. It's unconventional but I like it; it makes the company seem more 'human'. Don't feel you have to stop!

  2. Your candour and openness should be totally beneficial to us mere mortals and telcos alike - I am thoroughly inspired by your stance and for me this was reason enough to migrate to AAISP!

    Keep at it, it can't get much worse - can it!?


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