Why can't people use their domains

You see it on the motorway - a van with huge writing on it, and company name on the van. They have a web site www.companyname.co.uk and then you see it... companyname@aol.com or companyname@btinternet.com as an email address.

Why not info@companyname.co.uk. They have the domain after all... Why stick your self and some big expensive sign writing to just one ISP?

Well, it gets worse. I have just been handed a business card from a local police officer. Call him PC Fred Bloggs for now...

So phone number formatted sensibly, as is fax number. Good start.
Website (Web: on the card) www.thamesvalley.police.uk
Email (sorry, just E: on the card) Fred.bloggs@thamesvalley.pnn.co.uk

Why not Fred.Blogs@thamesvalley.police.uk

pnn.co.uk is an ISP (Commerce Internet). It is not even registered to the police!!

To me, that is so unprofessional. You expect the police to have some sort of control over their own email.

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