Is 600Kb/s good enough for broadband?

It would appear that, according to our favourite telco, it is quite acceptable for a line to only get 600Kb/s over their network even when the line syncs at 8,128K and even when their ISP is quite happy to provide more bandwidth and even though they charge the ISP around TWENTY times the going rate for transit to get the bandwidth to the exchange.

We had always assumed that the stupidly high cost of bandwidth over their network would mean they could afford to upgrade links as necessary. After all, upgrading a link means more traffic so more money for them. Apparently not! That would be far too simple a business model.

So clearly no chance of getting everyone in the country up to 2Mb/s minimum if a major telco can't be bothered to put in more capacity where needed even when the lines can take it.

It will be interesting if ever the internet gets proper standards for the quality of what is delivered to people's homes and offices, like gas, water and electricity. Maybe then we will have standards for loss and latency and throughput.

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