New URL for my blog www.me.uk

OK, I think google blogspot have a bug, so I have had to do a work around.

It seems you can have a blog on your own domain, e.g. www.example.com, and by setting a CNAME on that and A records on example.com it should work as either http://www.example.com/ or http://example.com/

Problem is the domain for my blog is www.me.uk

This is great, except they do not allow you to use a naked domain like that. So I make revk.www.me.uk and set up the CNAME for that and A records on www.me.uk as per their example.

Sadly that just left a page not found on www.me.uk which is probably google blogspot removing the www part and then looking for a matching blog, duh. I cannot find any sane way to get a fault report in to them.

So, now, www.me.uk is a simple redirect on a web server.

Of course, for fun, try just me.uk as my blog and most browsers add the www on the front :-)

The new URL for my blog is www.me.uk


  1. just look up the NS for ghs.google.com , and if my memory serves me well , there must be 4 servers , use each one of that as A records on your domain and type www.me.uk in blogger settings , tada! not so instant naked domain on bloger

  2. DNS was easy, but the blogger did not understand that www.me.uk was the domain.

  3. If you want your blog to be accessed via www.me.uk and me.uk
    A record should point to an IP address. (in googles case its 4x A records with values of,,,
    CNAME - point to ghs.google.com
    setup your blog publishing settings and enter www.me.uk in the input box.
    all done and now your blog works as above. I used to run zhub.co.uk on blogger as above and worked perfectly. (now have it hosted on my own server with a new domain)

  4. It does not work. For a start it cannot be accessed by me.uk as I don't own me.uk, only www.me.uk. I have no problem setting the A records for www.me.uk, but google will not accept www.me.uk in their control pages.

  5. In Blogger, if you pop a space before the naked domain, and point the A record to Google, they'll accept it fine. Well, that was the case for me last year, not sure if it's changed now


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