OK, some bunch calling themselves Call Value are calling numbers that are in the TPS selling cheap calls. They are calling us a *lot*! They call withheld.

So far I have established that they claim to be Call Value and when pushed will say they are Call Value Ltd, which does not exist. At one point they gave a different name which was in adminstration but I forget.

So, playing along I have established they need you to have a residential line with a reasonable level of calls. Then they can sell a service to save money.

So next time they call we pick someones residential lines and get it signed up. Then we can get bills, but we can cancel under distance selling anyway and many other reasons.

Then finally I can report to the Police and ICO. Criminal offences of calling numbers listed in TPS and Fraud (saying they were Call Value Ltd when they were not for financial gain). And I can send them a bill for my time.

In the mean time, I'll see how good our carriers are at withheld number traces!



  1. It's CallValue (one word) and they're somewhat well known.

    eg. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=588233

  2. Ah, we are investigating how to do a nuisance call trace on them - should be fun!

  3. The buggers either spoof the original CLI or are calling via Laos, South East Asia!

    Sound like only way to trap them is go along until we get to the stage of a contract with a UK based company.

  4. I think telesales is often outsourced, so it's quite likely they are calling from a low income foreign country.

    A fraud conviction would be tremendously difficult, because it's so hard to show who knew what. The company will deny telling the telesales people to make false claims. Meanwhile, the telesales people, if you ever managed to get them in front of a UK court, would say they thought the claims were true.

    The other option is to complain to the Information Commissioner, and try to get an enforcement notice served on the company. The company might at least then stop, because continuing could get them prosecuted.


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