OK, I should be calm, but this is so taking the piss it is not believable.

I have lines on an exchange that have HUGE packet loss and latency.

The stats are:- [sorry, google does not like spaces for some reason]

| rejects | count(*) |
| 3 | 1 |
| 43 | 1 |
| 99 | 1 |
| 102 | 1 |
| 104 | 1 |
| 111 | 1 |
| 113 | 1 |
| 115 | 1 |

Every time we have confirmed that the problem still exists and clearly tested the line, e.g.

"Peak latency BETWEEN LNS AND END USER (so not wider internet) is currently 235ms, which is not acceptable. Re-test criteria not met. Please investigate further. No, we are not requesting your SFI engineer service. If you need further clarification call the ISP contact listed. Thank you."

We have had some that say (hundreds of times) "Slow speed is probably due to internet congestion" which clearly indicated that they do not read what we see as the test is between LNS and EU and so not involving the wider internet.

We have had some that say "EU not Logged in". They have to be for us to measure latency. That is silly!

And, of course, I have added notes manually several times to explain the matter.

This is now CORPORATE STONEWALLING. They are just refusing to fix the damn faults.

They would rather make a process to systematically ignore their customers than actually address the issues. Well, I am not standing for it.

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  1. Right, so escalating each of the faults, and raising with their special team for mis-handled faults, and raised with CRM and account team, and raised with incident desk...


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