What I really want from a bank!

I heard an advert on the way to the airport coming here along the lines of Wouldn't it be nice if your bank did other stuff like roadside assistance or insurance, etc... which kind of winds me up.

What I really want from a bank is to manage money. To actually send me details of transactions and authorisations by some means (such as XML SOAP) as they happen. To send full transactions details for BACS and fast payments with the sort-code and account number and payment reference. To allow me to simply submit digitally signed payment and transfer requests (XML SOAP again would be fine).

Why can't any banks just get this right. A queued transaction posting system would be a lot easier on their computer systems and firewalls than their existing on-line banking systems.

How hard can it be?

I have tried asking banks and got nowhere. Maybe we should set up as a bank (not one that lends money).

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  1. I'd just be happy if the staff in my local branch used SOAP!


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