One of these days I'll have to do a proper course on marketing. It always confuses me.

Lately we have been very publicly berating one of our main suppliers. It is largely in an effort to get them to improve services as normal channels are not getting things fixed (and there is a lot to fix). We won't put up with a crappy service from anyone, even if that means changing suppliers after many years. But we do try and get things fixed...

What gets me, is all this doom and gloom explaining how this BRAS is broken today or that exchange is still congested, etc, seems to be getting us way more customers.

I'm not complaining. I always thought being frank and honest was good for business, but it still surprises me sometimes.

One of the best bit of marketing we came up with is offering to fix faults people have been stuck with on other ISPs. I don't think we have had to pay out on that once and the comments on thinkbroadband are great. I think Shaun is becoming a legend...

I'll get the hang of marketing one day.


  1. I have to say, I was surfing around the status blog for a bit before I signed up, and if anything, it made me more likely to join.

    It's not the fact that I wanted a service that had the issues :-), but I was reassured that when it did have issues, you'd a) admit it, b) sort it, and c) talk to me about it while you are!

    Of course, you probably won't be encouraging the kind of person who chooses broadband just on the basis of price, but I don't think you're trying to target those guys either.

    The broadband market itself is in danger of becoming a commodity - where all products are assumed equal, and price is the only differentiator. Of course, this drives price down to the lowest (sustainable?) value, so you have to do something special to justify charging more. I think A&A does that - and I hope they keep doing it!

  2. Well they do say there is no such thing as bad publicity!

    Though, to be serious, it is your direct and honest approach that is non existent with possibly all other ISPs. People respect being told the truth instead of having their intelligence insulted with a pack of lies. All your customers appreciate the personal service - my only slight concern is that as you become larger the service level, we all know and love, may suffer.

    I disagree with you on one point though....

    "I think Shaun is becoming a legend..."

    .....Shaun is already a legend :)


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