The good guys

I know I called this "rants", but there is always room for surpises and praise.

It is worth mentioning that my favourite telco does have some people with serious clue. The dynamic duo are right at the top of the technical tree and get things done.

They have been in touch this morning to say that they can see the issue on one of exchanges where we reported problems. Even though the fault desks bounce back saying congestion in the internet, blah, blah, these guys have found there is a problem. It is causing around 1% packet loss on all lines on the exchange which so many people there would say is not a problem, but it effects performance badly even at that level.

I do feel sorry for them though. They work hard and silly hours and they are in a coporate machine. I used to have a real job once and it can be a real battle. They spend their time fire fighting issues.

So, well done guys.


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