Census: First unclear questions?

OK, first one I am stuck on.

"People staying overnight on 27th March 2011"

Well, which night is that. There are 5 hours and 50 minutes of night at the start of the 27th and 5 hours and 55 minutes of night at the end of the 27th.

Do they mean both ends of the 27th or just one?

I am sure loads of people will have opinion on this, but what is the legally correct definition and how do I find out?



  1. Try question 21 for a child under 12 months old. There's no option for that

  2. I would bet money it's the end of the 27th, on the grounds I think this is the normal English usage.

    However it could be less ambiguous yes.

  3. Here's your answer: http://help.census.gov.uk/england/help/help-and-information/Glossary/Items/Censusnight.html

    Couldn't find it via their own search but Google did.

  4. Surely with the clocks changing the amount of night is not as symmetrical. Looking at my clueless graphs I have 5 and a bit hours night + twilight in the morning and about 4 hours + twilight to end the day.

  5. I thought I had allowed for that...

  6. There's always the Census Helpline if you're really stuck :-)


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