Plan of action (OFCOM)

OK, trying again. I have now sent a new application simply re-iterating the fact that we obviously comply with the rules for 07 mobile numbers as we are indeed required to by law. I have also sent a letter formally asking for clarification of how they interpret the rules.

But the other part of my plan is that I have sent an application on the basis that we own and operate a mobile network. It is only a pilot now, with three base stations in Bracknell, but easily extended.

The technology is 802.11 WiFi base stations using SIP/WiFi connected mobile phones.

I am not sure the size of the network is relevant for numbering requests.

We'll see what they say this time.


  1. If you need another base station in Glasgow ;)

  2. That is indeed the irony - providing a wide range of coverage but very thinly (i.e. pico-cells) using WiFi is very easy.

  3. I assume you're aware of UK01? It's a UK mobile network, licensed to use low power GSM transmitters (WiFi levels) only.

    If not, look them up - if they can get 07 numbers, you could persuade many customers to host WiFi for you, and have "national*" coverage to a higher level than UK01 currently has.


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